IRCC Announced Changes to Provide more Flexibility on Work Permit

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced few policies which temporarily support the international students affected by the pandemic. The policies were announced to make it easy for international students to apply and plan accordingly. Many international students were facing the problem travelling due to the travel restrictions in many of the countries.

To secure the students’ admissions in Canada, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada has recognized their problems. They  have come up with three new measures that will be implied on a Post-graduation work permit for the students who will be starting their study programs online.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada are going to implement these three changes to provide more flexibility to the international students. It will be regarding the eligibility rules for the applications for the Post-Graduate Work Permit programs as well for the students who want to start their study program in Canada from abroad.

The three changes include the following:

  • Students will be allowed to study online until April 30, 2021. They

won’t face any deduction in their time of the length of the future post-graduate work permit. Such students have to complete 50% of the study program in Canada.

  • The students who have their program length to between 8 to 12 months.

months with the start date to be before September 2020, will be eligible for a Post-graduation work permit and will be allowed to complete the whole program online from abroad.

  • The students who have already enrolled in the study programs starting

from May to September 2020 and will study online from abroad till April 30, 2021 and those students who have graduated from more than one eligible program are allowed to combine the length of both the programs when they apply for the Post-graduation work permit. Such students will only be eligible if 50% of their study has been completed in Canada.

All the students who will apply are requested to submit a study permit visa application before the staring of the program in summer, spring or fall 2020 semester to be eligible for the measures mentioned. All the students applying should be approved for a valid study permit.

The IRCC will closely be monitoring the situation of the pandemic and then assess whether any further changes are required to the policy or not.