Is Juvenile Delinquency acceptable for an International Student?

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Juvenile Delinquency means a young person who is habitual to commit a crime who is under 18 and is liable for criminal prosecution. When an individual goes to the agents to get recruited to the desired country or education program.10 % of them may provide you a guidance on this because usually, agent assume that a student will not be involved in any act of crime through mens rea or actus rea because when we think of a ‘student’, we take him or her as an innocent individual.

Sometimes our intentions are innocent but actions do not justify our innocency thus we end up being accused by the law or we are liable for our actions. Before recruiting a student under 18 to any international country, its the counselor’s job to tell what’s wrong and what’s right to an individual before his arrival at any international country on a student visa.

It is easier to get student visa as compared to the  other kind of visa, as the country knows that an individual is moving forward for further education in the desired state or country with a supporting documentation but yes there are also students who have faced the issues in the law courts and being sent back to their homeland or are being jailed for their actions.

The law does not only have rules for the adults but yes the laws are established for young citizens as well. If any individual on student visa starts the part-time job and could not afford the living cost he/she may end up getting into a criminal act like shoplifting or dacoity, which may let him/her getting into trouble and to justify his/her actions against the Lords/Judges.

Juvenile delinquency is a big word with different complex situations for an individual. Sometimes female students under 18, get into the acts of prostitution just for their needs as well as to cover their living cost although its legal in some countries then it is illegal for those under 18. A strict action by the law can be taken against those girls who do it and their student visa can be canceled.

As we know, teenage is the most beautiful period of anyone’s life, teenagers have a responsibility to study, to make their future, to be in the career and yes all the other fruits of life attract to them. Boys under 18, yes they are at their puberty age but still, they are being taken as a dependent child. But if they are being involved in such criminal acts like rape, battery or assault, and sexual harassments, strict action is being taken against them and they are being blacklisted to study further as an international student. In fact, there are universities who have a special icon on their websites to report any act of sexual harassments.

Yes, being an international student is a charm and exciting but there are many other measures to be taken and should be known by the student so that they are not going to be in any kind of criminal activities. So is Juvenile Delinquency acceptable for an International Student? , so the answer to the issue is clear as supported that No all the students either local or international they have to follow the rules and laws of a country, they recruit to and they must not think of getting themselves into such acts which will end up their careers.