Life as an International Student

Students Outdoors
Group of young attractive smiling students dressed casual sitting on the staircase outdoors on campus at the university.

when we come across the word ‘international’ it makes us understand that  anything which is different than our own culture, tradition, norms, and values and an individual needs to learn them or follow those traditions when one is not present in their own state or country

Some people think that they will be neglected, mistreated or discriminated, but that is actually not the case. Every individual can make their place by their actions. Some people are insecure for their kids to study internationally, and due to this, they themselves create a barrier for their children to move further in their careers.

life as an International student is basically very different as compared to the locals because they are more concerned about the acceptance and the values or respect given to them, international student is excited to learn about the university culture and to make new friends but at first, that is  not so easy to make your place but anyone can make that through their positive thinking and positive actions.

life as an international student is very fruitful and exciting because they get a chance to learn and explore which they have never seen before, they can do that physically, can learn their course of studies with more advanced technologies and with more advanced researches.

Apart from university life, they can explore different places or visit some good museums, restaurants, and clubs where they can enjoy their weekend after a long tiring week and can get a refresh for the upcoming assignments and tests at the university.

I remember life as an international student was a wonderful experience I ever had, I went to London to complete studies, that was a great experience although it was a transferred program and it was for a short time but it really opened my mind and I got a chance to explore the London culture. It is actually not the same as we see on television or the internet, the experience is more than that. Museums and parks at London are the most soothing places to have a time out with yourself, not only places like this, the most interesting and attracting was Madame Tussauds London, what an experience it was, as a place. My stay at London as an international student was so great that even after coming back to my homeland, I am thinking to move forward with some other program in some other country so that I can explore the world through this.

People with insecurities, like how we will cope up with the local students, who will be there to help us out if we need anything, who will guide us where to go and where not to go, will people accept us the way we are? these all are the frequently asked questions that come up in anyone’s mind who is thinking to go for study abroad. but yes these insecurities are temporary once a student arrives at the airport, the insecurities start vanishing because they feel confident and the thoughts in mind keep on changing and they are able to face the world.

As an international student, one can find the other talents in himself or herself and not only this, they will know how to deal with the situations and with the people. Once they come back after completion of studies, they can educate our society and can motivate others to go for study abroad.