PHD stands for Doctor of Philosophy it is a doctorate program, a person should be highly qualified in any of the field for getting admission in PHD degree. It is not an easy degree one must be having a graduate and post graduate degree for applying in PHD program. It is a research based program it is for the ones who have completed their post graduate degree and wanted to do specialization in their relative field, making research and getting advance knowledge is a commitment of a PHD. Entry requirement for PHD degree is post graduate degree and relative professional experience before or during the degree. It might take a long time to earn this degree but a person with passion and goal that he has to get specialized in his field then he can do it.

Students who wanted to pursue their career in research projects, teaching in university have to be mentally prepared that they spend most of their time in reading and carrying lots of research presentations. Publishing research paper with a plenty of knowledge about that topic is a requirement of PHD degree. There are high knowledgeable teachers with lots of experience and education who are appointed for the PHD students; they help the students for completing their degree. Abroad education and the worth of their degree are relatively higher as compared to the Pakistani universities. PHD degrees are offered in many subjects including Art Studies, General Studies, Law Studies, Social Sciences and many more.


PHD qualification is based on research in which different training sessions and modules are included for the career advancement and professional development of the students. For pursuing a doctoral degree a student must focus on their work and thesis research which is independent not any contributing knowledge in some particular areas. It includes literature review, analysis, authentic research,experiment, surveys and data collection. The thesis word limit should be around 100,000 words or less or more than that. The thesis has to be submitted in a written form in the end of the PHD degree program, it has to be summarized and supported with evidence in a proper manner. The research a student is getting should be authentic; PHD is a creative and vast research field so it is necessary for a student to have a creative and artistic mind. There are many fields in PHD program which a student can adopt.

Students are getting the best teachers with a qualified degree with their valuable experience students are able to prepare their thesis. The PHD students had a great option that their teachers are willing to help them from the start day of their PHD application. The duration of PHD is three years and it is for full time studying. If a student is enrolling himself in a part time PHD degree then he may complete his degree in six year it is a maximum time duration to complete a PHD degree.