Rejection of Student Visa


We all know that the easiest way to get any country’s visa is ‘STUDENT VISA’ because an immigration officer or visa officer knows that a person is standing in front of him with supporting documentation thus he can not reject the student visa.

Students and agents at times are confident enough that their students will not get rejected by the visa officer but that is not the case, even after 100% preparation to stand in front of the visa officer for an interview, students do get rejected. There are a number of reasons behind the rejection. Yes, it is a demotivating factor but this is a reality and we can not eradicate or mislead students on this.

For Malaysia, Turkey, and Russia, the visa acceptance rate is 100% because the education institute gives the visa assistance and it is completely arranged by the University after the offer letter given to the student and once he pays the fees only when the visa is arranged.

But what about the UK? The USA? or Canada? what is the visa acceptance rate? Most of the time students have fear in applying to these countries for a student visa because they have this mindset that the rejection rate is higher for these countries when it comes to the study abroad.

The students get rejected for UK visa because either they do not have enough supporting documents to satisfy the embassy or their bank statement is not sufficient to support their costing to live and study at the United Kingdom, these are the two most recorded reasons for the UK visa rejection but there is a solution , of course the bank statement can be maintained and a student can consult a proper consultant who has been doing student visa for a long time to carry out the case smoothly.

This could be a solution but then what about USA or Canada? It is not that difficult either because every year 500 students recruited to these countries for study abroad. The student is supposed to be prepared before the interview and must be confident enough to respond to all the questions asked by the visa officer. The worst case scenario is when a student is all prepared and has supporting documents as well but he/she does not perform well for USA  visa interview, in that case, the student can reapply for the visa interview and can nail it in the second time.

Few people avoid applying to Canada for a student visa because they have a thought that the acceptance rate is too low for Canada but let me tell you that’s just a MYTH. That is not so true, Students are going to Canada to study further in their desired fields and in fact, they get the permanent residency after their university tenure. 90% is the percent out of the total that people get the visa acceptance for Canada. Just for the 10% risk, if they do not try this, they are at a loss.

Rejection of student visa is a myth, it all depends on an individual how they perform and how strong their case is. If they have all the green signals then they must go for a student visa without any insecurities and fears.