Why are Student Visa’s Rejected?

Visa Rejection is a common problem for students these days. Getting into their choice of university may not be that hard of a thing, but getting their study visa definitely is. Student visa rejection was once a rare occurrence, and now it’s a frequent one, in fact, it seems to be rising up at an alarmingly high rate. This has created a fear in young minds that studying abroad isn’t a good option as there will always be a risk of visa acceptance. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you and share a few tips. The Student Ways team has extensive experience, spanning over a decade, in handling Visa’s –be it for Study Visa or for Immigration Visa.

Universities abroad do not have harsh policies for international students, in fact, they welcome foreign students for multiple reasons. They contribute towards a huge chunk of their income, as student fees for international students are always higher than the fees for local students. Furthermore, international students bring about diversity in the student population. Most foreign students are bright students with great skills and academic capabilities and therefore they are an asset for the university and even for the country. Now that we have shattered the image of fear that has been created in the minds of students who dream of studying abroad, let’s move on to discuss why exactly is Student Visa rejected.

Visa rejection can occur for multiple reasons. These include but are not limited to:

Insufficient Visa Documents

This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Often, the error lies on part of the Visa Application Processing officer. If he or she is unable to provide the visa committee with the complete list of documents required, it is obvious the application will be incomplete and therefore rejected.

Being unable to meet the language proficiency requirements

Language proficiency is a university and also a visa requirement. This is necessary because you will be taught the course in the same language and you will be expected to communicate in the same language. Usually, this includes an IELTS language test, but the requirement may vary from country to country.

Visa rejected

Past misdeeds or an “unclean” record

Previous criminal records can have a damaging effect on your chances of getting the Visa. Most countries require past records and/or a character certificate as proof that you have a clean record.

Not having sufficient funds

Each country has a different requirement about the amount of justified funds that you need to show. You have to show a well maintained bank statement as per the requirement of the country so as to raise your chances of getting the Visa.

Not showing sufficient ties to your country

This is an important thing that is often overlooked, it’s extremely important to show that you intend to come back to your country and that the purpose of your visit is only to study and not to settle.

Failure to prove that you’re a genuine student

If the officers feel that you are not a genuine student, they will reject your visa. For this the university and program, you choose and your academic history is of immense importance. If you’re changing the field of your study without justifying it, or if you have a study gap that you cannot explain, or you are going into a low-tier (also read: shady) university, then the chances of your visa being approved are slim.

Failure to present an impressive Personal Statement/Study Plan

This is one of the most essential documents that Visa Officers look at, as this gives an overview about you, your academics and your extracurricular activities, your chosen university and program and your intentions regarding your studies and future career goals. If there is anything that needs to be justified, for example, a change in the field of your study or a long gap between your last qualification and the one you intend to pursue, then that should be explained here in your Personal Statement. I cannot stress enough on exactly how important this piece of paper is in determining the outcome of your Visa!

Failure to impress the officers at the interview

The interview is a mandatory requirement in some countries, for example, the UK or the USA. If your behavior, speech commandment or answers are not up to the mark then you should not expect a favorable outcome.

These are some of the reasons why Student Visas are rejected. If you need any further guidance or help, you can contact our team and we can assist you.