Gender Discrimination is a really hard word which means discrimination, against women. In some societies women are not respected, they are only there to bore some one’s child in their womb and to look after the home, kitchen and few household stuff. Their thoughts are being neglected and they are asked to be at home only,  as being in the career does not suit them.

The topic ‘university and Gender Discrimination’ itself shows, yes for women, University is not a place to be at. Some people think that girls should only study at home or study till the secondary school and later they are being asked to stay home and just learn household responsibilities as they think that if they go out and study at such an open-minded place they may forget their roles and their responsibilities as being a woman.

This is not so true, there are women out there who are the breadwinners of their home and who knows how to play more than one role. They handle their children, household responsibilities, they are responsible for their husband’s needs and wants and they know how to divide their responsibilities.

People have a typical mindset in our society that a boy should be given high-quality education, he must have good grades to study further as he is the one who will be in the career and will look after responsibilities and he is a boy, studying further in a university is suitable for him. This is wrong, we need to educate both women and man as they both have a right to freedom of expression by the law as well as by the religion. No law or religion stops any individual to study and in fact, today girls are more interested in education as compared to the boys. Girls are more keen towards higher education but the only barrier for them is our conservative society which stops women being a part of the professional world.

Our society has somehow changed and its no more sexist but yes there are some societies within the society that does not like women to study, work or be in an environment where she is able to know her grounds and rights.

We as a human being must stop Gender Discrimination and promote education for women so that they can educate future generation and literacy rate increases in our society so that the drawbacks which still exist today, will be vanished tomorrow.

Let’s promote education together!