Seeking education in abroad is almost every international student dream.

There are so many countries who are giving international students the opportunity for pursing their education in abroad. With an outstanding education system, the country offers higher education in vast range of courses and more than 1000 institutes. Universities like Oxford or Harvard are the best universities but in Canada and Australia there are also universities who are giving worthy education to the international students.

Every international student who want to pursue studies in abroad, need to apply for the student visa by enrolling in:

  • Primary and Secondary School
  • English Language Intensive course for overseas students
  • Cambridge, General English, IELTS preparation etc
  • Exchange Program
  • University Course- Bachelor, Master and PHD degree
  • Vocal Education and training Course

Student Visa Requirements:

Student should meet the mentioned criteria in order to satisfy department of Home affairs:

  Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE):

Applicant must demonstrate that how long they are staying in that country, it is a temporary visa after your degree completion you have to come back and the student is genuine. The department of home affairs makes assessment on these factors:

  • The value of course the student chose and future opportunities in home


  • Applicant position in the home country in context of political,

financial, economic, and social aspects.

  • Previous travelling history in abroad country, if any.

Currently, all the countries are assessing on the student genuine temporary entrant requirement and it is very obvious that if the student doesn’t pass exam will not get admission.


Confirmation of Enrollment:

It is also compulsory for international students that they must be enrolled themselves in an accredited institute where it offers courses for overseas students for both primary and higher education programs and is it should be listed on commonwealth register of the institution. Before applying for the visa one must have Confirmation of enrollment in their hands.

English Proficiency Requirement:

Another point for applying is a proof of English language test, it is compulsory to get admission in school and university for undergraduates, post graduate programs and also to apply for visa. These tests are named as PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or any other which is acceptable. To get relief from English language test could be for those who are having passport from any particular country or has English as their first language. If the student doesn’t have the required score which the university is demanding, than university offers English pathway program to continue the studies.

Financial Requirement:

The applicant must be able to finance their studies and accommodation in the country; they have to show their adequate finance. Their source of income, provide financial statement and their relationship with the funds sponsor. The financial statement is enough to sponsor the student yearly accommodation cost, tuition fees per year, travel and other expenses. If there is any one in the family who is coming along with the applicant has to cost additional cost which has to state as well.

Overseas Student Health Cover:

  • Students applying for abroad must have the health document which includes limited pharmaceutical, visit to doctor and hospital treatment.
  • Every international student who want to pursue their studies in abroad, need to enroll themselves in a student visa:
  • Student Visa Subclass
  • Student Visa Fee

Student Visa Conditions:

  • The student must be enrolled in the course they have applied in.
  • Health insurance is mandatory.
  • If the student wants to change the education provider the student must inform the embassy.
  • The student should inform about their residing address and contact details to the. department of immigration and border protection and education provider within a week after arriving.
  • It is important for a student to prioritize their studies and they can’t work when their classes begin.
  • It is defined that how many hours a student can work, around 20 hours a week or 40 hours per fortnight.
  • Student has to respect the tradition and culture of that country.

Student Visa Document Checklist:

  • The checklist for visa document requires:
  • Filled student visa application accurately.
  • The fees for visa application should be paid.
  • Bio data, passport and page copy should be with you.
  • Financial fund application.
  • Evidence of Overseas Health Insurance.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency test result.
  • Evidence of criminal record.
  • Travel visa record if any of the country you visited before.

Do you need any help with the visa application?

Student Ways consultants can help potential students with applications for range of visa; student visa, graduate visa, parent’s visa and other, making the process easy and understandable for them.

What Student Ways does for a student visa?

Following services are provided for a student visa by Student ways consultants;

  • Advice on courses of study in the context of scope and job prospects
  • Lodging university application
  • Getting unconditional offer letter and COE
  • Applying for a student visa through student Direct Stream (SDS) students must be 18 or 18+ for applying through Student Direct Stream (SDS).
  • Guidance on how to extend student visa if students want to study further.

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