What do you get out of Higher Education?

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higher education blog

The question is itself very simple but the meaning and concept behind this could be very vast, difficult and challenging to explain. Most of the students at a secondary level of their education keep on asking this question from teachers, friends, and parents. They take education as a liability imposed on them by their parents and they find this out as the most difficult part of their lives.

On education, there are many schools of thoughts who promotes education and guide individuals to not miss it at any step of their lives. They ask individuals in their theories that a person must set his/her goals for higher education as this brings out one’s personality, grooms a person and they can understand the issues, problems with more vast thinking and can have the ability to solve them.

Liberal Feminist Ann Oakley says that all the women and man must get the best education, it is important for both women and men to be in the society and to learn how to deal with such complex environment. Whereas the Radical feminist criticizes Ann Oakley and says man must not get the education and it should only be the women, who should be obtaining a higher education so that she can set her grounds and values, Why is she against all man? Because she thinks that man gains all the power and authorities over woman and woman should be someone, who should be on the top. However, the criticism doesn’t satisfy the society with such gender discrimination.

Sex Discrimination Act 1975 was established in the United Kingdom and it says that no woman or man must be stopped from education, work or in any field on grounds of gender and marital status. This kind of discrimination is extremely prohibited. But after supporting evidence the question relies there still, gaining higher and advance education leads you to be at somewhere in the world, you can become CEO of any known company, apart from this, you can get monetary benefits as well, after higher education, you are able to make money and can raise your living standard and with that you can educate your immediate family if they did not get  a chance to study.

Businesses, Media, Hospitality sector, Hotel managements seek for educated individuals to hire and to let them run operations of their business and market, and for that an individual needs to study further. Matriculation/O levels/ School diploma is not enough to be in that position where they can get, after getting a higher education.

Apart from this, Higher education gives you access to explore the world, traveling is easier for you as you will know how to deal with the visa process, you will know international languages to communicate with international individuals.

Yes, it’s not that easy to gain higher education. It needs commitment, time and of course budgets. If you can avail this opportunity, its a lifetime success for you. One must not stop himself or herself from education and must go higher in terms of studies to touch the skies of their lives.