This is a great frequently asked question that comes in student’s mind when any student after the college thinks of getting into a good university that comes in the world top ranked. But what is university itself is a great question to answer as this requires subjectivity.

People have vast meaning for the university, some think that University is a place to hang around with friends, for some, it’s a place for studies, for some it’s a place for research work but in actual university is a place for everyone. It depends on a person how they perceive, what they perceive and why they perceive.

The research shows that people aged 15 to 20 thinks university as a place of freedom, where they can be their own and they are being respected as an adult. The restrictions are less as compared to secondary and high school. Mostly they are into social groups and want to be regarded as an individual person where they are allowed to speak and can express themselves.

Other than this research, people aged 25 to 35 think of the university as a place where they can continue their further studies and are serious regarding their future. They are more into studies and teaching methodology rather than being into social life. They are more focused and determined on their studies and they do not like any kind of distractions.

We have talked about two groups of students that how they perceive university. Apart from academics, University also promotes extra-curriculum activities like debates, declamation, sports, Arts and crafts, dance classes, singing, and much more. In fact, some international universities have started student exchange program in which they allow an international student to study at their campus, exchange cultures and live with their host parents. This allows an individual to explore different cultures, traditions and can learn a lot through this.

Some studies show that people who are not so educated and who never got a chance to be a part of any university program, they are basically against the university. Specifically, they are not against the curriculum taught at university but they are more into university life. Students do get into few things that are disliked by their parents like alcohol, sex, and drugs because a university is a place of “pix” which is pick and mix of everything and yes it depends on a person that how they respond to the things they see. It is not about the place sometimes it’s about the people what they want in their lives. Yes if they attract to something which is a taboo then an individual can never blame the circumstances. A person must not stop one from getting into university just because of very minor insecurities.

University has a vast meaning and it can never be explained from one’s point of view because it is subjective hence it can only be understood once an individual experience it, they will have their own thoughts and preferences.