How to write a Statement of Purpose and Why is it Important?

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the key factors for a strong application while applying to universities & colleges abroad. It highlights a student’s academic history, achievements, future goals, and professional experience/ internships. A student should also share what he/she wants to study at the University of his/her choice and why it would be beneficial for him/her.

Your Statement of Purpose should be unique and free of plagiarism. It will help you to stand out among the other applicants and should be this appealing that a university or college won’t have any reason to refuse your application. SOP also allows you to bring out the best from you apart from academic performance and helps in deciding if you’re a perfect match for the university or college culture. It is also a great opportunity to boost your creative writing skills.

It might seem a challenging task to write a perfect Statement of Purpose, but you don’t need to be worried because we at Student Ways help our students to write a Personal Statement that stands them out among the others. Here, we will highlight the two pivotal rules to write SOP:

Two Pivotal Rules for writing a Perfect Statement of Purpose

Plagiarism Free Statement of Purpose

It is the most crucial step to write a plagiarism-free SOP. It should not be copied from any website, article, etc. and should be in your own words and unique. If the universities and colleges will find out that your SOP is copied from somewhere, they will reject your application straight away and you will miss the opportunity to study in your dream university/college.

The SOP should be clear and concise

It is important to keep your statement specific and concise. The admission teams of the universities have to read tons of personal statements daily so it’s important to convince them through your writing skills. Every school has set different procedures to write a personal statement and students have to follow it. Most of the schools require one page SOP and it also creates a good impact on the admission team that you can follow the instructions and protocols.

Paragraph Division for writing a Statement of Purpose


You should start with your brief introduction and mention your academic and professional history in the first paragraph. You should also mention the intended course and intake that you want to pursue.

What Motivates You?

You should explain where you got the inspiration to apply for the chosen program in the second paragraph. Whether you get the motivation from your parents, teacher or some school field trip, you should explain in brief and be very specific and relevant to the chosen program.

Past Experiences and Extra-curricular Activities

In the third paragraph, you should mention your previous work experience, internships and extra-curricular activities that are relevant to the program you have chosen. For instance, if you want to pursue a degree in event management, you can mention that you have arranged different events in your school and for family gatherings and you can mention different internships.

Why did you choose to study here?

In this paragraph, discuss why you want to study at this university. You can discuss the ranking of the university, specifically, the ranking in your particular program, the faculty, the alumni, and the facilities provided by the university to the students and so on.

Furthermore, you should discuss why you’ve chosen a particular country over your home country and how it will be beneficial for you and help you in achieving your future goals. For instance, you’ve chosen Canada because it’s a multi-cultural country and you will get to indulge with different people from different cultures and it will not only help you enhance your academic skills but personal skills and grooming too.

What’s Next?

In the final paragraph, tell the admission officer what you will achieve after completing the degree from their university and how it helps you in your career life. Also, discuss your intention about returning to your home country and how will you serve your country after getting graduated from their university.


Proofread your statement in the end and make sure that there will be no error, grammatical mistakes, and vague statements.

By following the guidelines in this article, you will be able to write a hassle-free Statement of Purpose on your own. Be catchy, ready to shine! The new journey of your life is waiting for you.